About Us

We are a professional control and removal company located in Edmonton Alberta, in Canada. We offer top quality services in helping our customer get read of pests. Pests vary in shapes and types, and that’s why we use different pest control methods. All our pest control methods are environmentally friendly. As a government certified pest Extermination Company our main duty is to rid your home and building of any unwanted pests such as rodents, bugs, and ants. We also offer pest deterrents for bird control such as pigeons.

Our highly experienced technicians will arrive at your home or business premises in an unmarked vehicle. This helps protect your privacy. We mainly prefer using natural pest extermination methods. If we use chemicals we ensure that the chemicals are not harmful to pets, people, and the environment. We employ tactics such as habitat altering and pest trapping in order to remain eco-friendly. We understand that certain pests require sanitation. We also apply this pest control method in order to remain environmentally friendly.

We believe in providing customers with top quality services at an affordable rate. We always ensure that we leave our customers satisfied with the service they receive. There are no pests that are too big for us. We exterminate all destructive pests that might be bothering you in your home or business premises. Give us a call today and we will ensure that you receive the best experience as far as pest extermination is concerned.

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Why choose us for your Pest Control Needs?

  • We offer top quality extermination services at an affordable rate.
  • We use environmentally friendly pest removal methods that are safe for pets and children. We prefer natural pest extermination methods such as habitat altering and pest trapping.
  • We have years of experience in the pest removal sector.
  • We value our customer’s privacy and that’s why we use unmarked vehicles when conducting our pest extermination operations.
  • We also offer pest deterrent for animals and birds such as pigeons.
  • We listen to customers’ concerns and act on them.
  • We work in a timely manner. This means that customers can expect to see results in a very short space of time.
  • We leave your place more hygienic than before. One problem that people have about pests such as flies is that they cause diseases. After our pest extermination services, your place will be more hygienic than before.
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Our Efficient Customer Oriented Service Commitment

We have years of experience in providing top-notch customer-oriented services. When it comes to pest control and extermination we pride ourselves on being one of the best. We believe we have a commitment to our customers. That is why our services are efficient. Our services provide amazing results at a low cost. With our efficient customer-oriented services your pest problem will be gone in a short space of time. Our extermination services are customer oriented in the sense that they are eco-friendly and safe for children and pets.