Bed Bugs Eradication

The Ultimate Extermination Company has the tools and expertise to deal with your bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are small pests which are as small as apple seeds. Bed bugs cause an itchy rush that can get infected. This is why you should eradicate bed bugs. Bed bugs are usually seen in the mattress.

Bed bugs move from one place to another through clinging to clothes and luggage. This is how people transport bed bugs from one area to another. Bed bugs usually hide where people sleep. That is why they are found mainly in mattresses.

For environmentally friendly removal methods we use bed bugs detection dogs. Bed bug detection dogs are highly trained dogs that use their superb sense of smell to detect bed bugs. Bed bugs are a major cause of concern for homeowners. We exterminate bed bugs at residential areas where they are mainly found. We use the best extermination method suited to your home. We apply both heat treatment and pesticides. We can also help you determine the most suitable pesticide method for your home. Our technicians are experienced in bed bugs eradication, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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