Sow Bug Extermination

Sow bugs are very common in places where there is a high level of humidity. Sow bugs have gills that need a moisturised environment. These bugs mainly eat decaying leaves. They are a pest because they feed on young plants. The presence of these bugs is evidence that they is a high level of moisture. This moisture has ripple effects on wooden furniture. Moisturised environments are a good habitat for sow bugs. Sow bugs can play a role in the destruction of plants in residential and commercial areas. Sow bugs can be exterminated through the reduction of moisture in surrounding areas. This is the most natural way that we use to exterminate sow bugs at the Ultimate Extermination Company.

The main reason why sow bugs are pests is due to the fact that they eat young plants. There are more natural extermination methods for sow bugs such as habitat altering using by reducing levels of moisture. We can also use less toxic pesticides to rid your home and business premise of the sow bugs instantly. Sow bugs are rarely considered pests, but when they are considered pests be sure to contact the Ultimate Extermination Company for help.

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