Mice Exterminators

Mice and other rodents are a common pest in both residential and commercial places. They are particularly a problem in residential areas. In residential areas your home’s warmth and availability of food attracts mice. Mice are a common pest globally. Mice usually enter the home through small openings. Sometimes they enter your home through an open door. Without any control measures, mice breed quickly. In a couple of months, they can triple their numbers. With mice, we can use natural extermination methods. We can use other extermination methods such as trapping. It is a good choice to give us a call early before the mice multiply.

Mice faeces can carry harmful bacteria. Bacteria carried by mice can cause food poisoning. They can start gnawing on your, furniture, clothes and food. Sometimes they cause electrical appliances to stop working. This is probably the worst thing about mice. Mice can carry diseases that can be harmful to children and pets. This is why you have to get rid of all mice. For mice extermination, we offer exclusion services where we seal the entrance holes mice uses. This has been proven to be the best method of controlling mice.

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